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We believe that a good foundation in primary level education is very important. Marymount Convent School strives to provide abundant opportunities for our pupils to develop holistically in the academic and non-academic areas. We believe in engaging our pupils in their learning and also teaching them to take responsibility for their own learning and development.


You may contact us via email at mmcs@moe.edu.sg should you need more information about the school.


In Marymount Convent School, “Every child is more precious than the whole world!”
(Our Foundress’ Philosophy)



Ms Cecilia Lim






Marymount Convent School's app for iPads


Our Marymount Convent School Heritage’ is Marymount Convent School’s app for iPads.
It is hoped that through this app, students, parents and alumni can learn more about Marymount Convent School’s rich history. In recalling the stories that make up our past, this app traces the story of Good Shepherd Sisters in Singapore, from the arrival of Mother Liguori Burke in 1939 to the mission and work of the sisters today. Chronicling the school’s history through photograph and oral and written records, current and former staff and students share their memories of Marymount Convent.
In downloading this app, you can keep in touch with the people of Marymount Convent School and discover how you can continue to support the school.